Sunday, April 14, 2013

Texas D.A. Killed by Former Texas Judge? Kaufman County JP Arrested

Not much information has been put out, but it has been released that a former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace, Eric Williams, has been arrested and held on 1 million dollar bail for making terroristic threats, and this is in connection with the recent murders of the Kaufman County District and Assistant District Attorney.

The Kaufman County District Attorney had prosecuted the Justice of the Peace for theft and this caused the JP to lose his position.

In Texas politics there is alot of corruption, especially in East Texas. Things can even get dangerous. It was not that long ago, right here in Hardin County, the Justice of the Peace Butch Cummings threatened his opponent and illegally forced him to drop out of the election so that the JP would keep his job. This Justice of the Peace even threatened me with bodily injury and it was caught on recording. He did not get into any trouble of course. Good old boy East Texas political corruption. You see, these old politicians see it as their position that they are entitled to have forever once they get in. They do not see it as the people's office. They get offended if you even run against them. It can even get violent.

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the following is from WFAA News regarding the arrest of this former Kaufman County JP:

In a dramatic development during Williams' corruption trial, Kaufman County Judge Bruce Wood testified that the former justice of the peace had asked him in a letter to use his influence to call off the criminal investigation against him. Wood declined.
The Post quoted Hasse as saying, "The Defendant did not ask Judge Wood to investigate to help clear this up because he is innocent. In the letter he accepts responsibility. He says I’ve done something wrong, and I’ve learned my lesson, hoping for some kind of back-door favor. He is an elected public servant and he is a thief and a liar. We ask you to find him guilty.”
During the sentencing phase of the trial, prosecutor Hasse revealed that Williams threatened to kill an ex-girlfriend in Huntsville "involving the display of a handgun," according to court records. He also threatened the life of a Kaufman attorney and his family in 2010, according to prosecutor's records. 
Williams is appealing his convictions. 

the following is from KFDM News regarding the arrest of this former Kaufman County JP:

 KAUFMAN, Texas - Kaufman County records show that former Justice of the Peace Eric Williams has been arrested.

Authorities searched Williams' home on Friday afternoon and into the night in connection with their investigation of the Kaufman County prosecutor murders.

Williams, 46, was booked into the Kaufman County Jail at 12:32 a.m. Saturday and charged with making a "terroristic threat." Bond was set at $1 million.

The district attorney's office prosecuted and convicted Williams last year for theft. He lost his justice of the peace position as a result.

Investigators spent hours at Williams' home and that of his in-laws on Friday. The two families live on the same street in Kaufman.

They removed boxes, computers and guns.

It's now been two weeks since investigators found the bodies of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife in their home near Forney. Prosecutor Mark Hasse was shot and killed on his way to the courthouse on January 31.

Eric Williams has links to both McLelland and Hasse but has not been charged in connection with their deaths.

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