Monday, April 15, 2013

ACTION ALERT: NO on SB 303; the Texas Death Panel Empowerment Act

the following is from Cahnman;s Musings:

Via Texas Eagle Forum re: SB 303 by: Dr. Bob Deuell
"The Texas Medical Association (TMA) is supporting this bad bill: Texas SB 303.

Despite opposition by numerous pro-patient activists, the Texas Senate Health & Human Services Committee passed SB 303 this week. This sets up a showdown on the floor of the Texas Senate, with patient rights in Texas hospitals hanging in the balance.

SB 303 allows hospitals to impose "do not resuscitate" orders and cause their patients' deaths without the consent of patients or their families.

The death panels predicted by Sarah Palin become a reality in this bill, as it authorizes hospitals to set up and control decisions to end patients' lives. As soon as Medicare or Medicaid payments on a patient expire, hospitals can insist on pulling the plug, even when patients could recover. Hospitals will try to coerce physicians to do what the hospitals want, not what is best for the patient.

Whom should Texans thank for this abomination? The Texas Hospital Association and its minion, the Texas Medical Association, insist on passage of this bill, and Senators Jane Nelson, Joan Huffman, and Bob Deuell push the THA and TMA agenda as they do every session.

But there are 31 Senators and this bill can still be blocked and defeated. Hospitals and the TMA have less influence on the floor of the Senate than in the Health Committee. Please contact your Senator and urge him or her to stand up for patients, and join the growing list of opponents to this death panel bill, SB 303.”

Please ask your Senator to VOTE NO on SB 303, the death panel bill."
 Texas Right to Life has more here.

 Contact YOUR Texas Senator here.

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