Sunday, April 14, 2013

Texas Legislature Praises Drunk Driving Democrat Who Hurt Innocent Pedestrian

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Really? FLOWERS? WFAA reports that the Texas House of Representatives gave this drunk driving Democrat State Representative who injured innocent people a standing ovation and some gave her FLOWERS?

They should have given Naomi Gonzalez an orange jumpsuit and said we will see you once you paid the penalty for your crime.

But hey, she said she was sorry, I guess her crime should just be forgiven right? After all, no one dies from drunk drivers right? Drunk Driving is not a serious problem right? It is disgusting that this Democrat State Representative on the ETHICS Committee has been turned into a victim when she is the bad guy who hurt real innocent victims. Hey Joe Straus, you think maybe you should take her off of the ethics committee? If she ran things, everyone would just have to say they are sorry and then they get a prize and have their ethics charges dropped.

She is only sorry she got caught and is facing charges because, well, this is not the first time she has done this. It is just the first time she was caught.

And we wonder why so many innocent people die every day in Texas from Drunk Drivers.... Even if she did kill someone she still would have gotten a slap on the wrist.

from WFAA:

AUSTIN (AP) — A Democratic state lawmaker arrested for drunken driving offered an emotional apology on the floor of the Texas House on Monday, drawing a standing ovation and flowers from her colleagues.
Naomi Gonzalez of El Paso crashed her BMW into another car, which then hit a bicyclist around 2 a.m. Thursday. Gonzalez, the other driver and the cyclist all went to the hospital with minor injuries. The 34-year-old was charged with driving while intoxicated.

Gonzalez sought special permission to address her colleagues and said she did so "with a heavy heart." She explained that the crash occurred as she drove alone to her Austin apartment and, "I want to be clear about this: I made a mistake and I am deeply, deeply sorry for it."

Lawmakers applauded loudly, eventually climbing to their feet. Some gave Gonzalez hugs and high-fives. Flowers were left on her desk in the chamber.

Not everyone deemed the gesture appropriate. The Texas chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving lamented the appearance, saying it made someone charged with drunk driving and injuring others into a victim.

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  1. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! She should be CENSORED by the Texas House, and if she had ANY sense of justice and dignity, SHE SHOULD RESIGN!!!! Joe S3aus should be ASHAMED of himself, but of course, he lost his sense of right and wrong a long time ago. And the cheering house members - shame, Shame SHAME!!!