Saturday, September 29, 2012

WARNING: YouTube Collecting Pictures from Phones at Anytime WITHOUT PERMISSION - Big Brother Spy Camera!

Is YouTube spying on you? The following message is what my father Mike Bellow sent me this morning regarding a YouTube update on his phone that will allow YouTube to collect anything that your phone camera sees at anytime:

Mike Bellow
I was going to update YouTube on my Smartphone. I read the permissions. As worded, they can collect video or pictures of ANYTHING at ANYTIME! I took a screenshot of what I would be agreeing to. I am NOT updating YouTube with it worded as it is. I am advising others not to in this post.

YouTube update will allow ANYTHING you take with camera CAN be COLLECTED by ANYTIME by YouTube! If you accept the update you GIVE YouTube "Big Brother" unlimited access!! ALWAYS read what you are accepting!!!!

ACTUALLY, as worded, "...what the camera is seeing" combined with another NEW permission that starts YouTube when you start your phone (running in background) gives YouTube the ABILITY, AND PERMISSION, to "collect" pictures at "ANY TIME" WITHOUT SWITCHING to the camera function!!! We may NEVER know when they are "COLLECTING"!! Spread the word!

It was not that long ago that I posted this article up on my blog about the Department of Homeland Security watching our blogs, Facebook posts and Twitter updates: 

DHS Monitoring Blogs? David Bellow tells KETK NBC, “Good! They Might Learn Something!” 

Now YouTube is Spying on us through our own cameras? This is nuts! 

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