Thursday, September 13, 2012

Confirmed: Embassy Attacks Were 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. Obama Got Lied and Apologized to Murderers Instead of Taking Action

Update: Obama wasn't duped into thinking this was just a riot and not a 9/11 Muslim terrorist attack. HE KNEW it was a terrorist attack and LIED to America because his Middle East Plan failed!

9/13/12 - It has now been confirmed on Fox News by Libya and U.S. Military officials that the attack was a planned terrorist attack with the anti Muslim film being used as a cover. Even Obama was duped into thinking the attack was over the anti Muslim film, but I guess it does not take much to get him to sympathize with Muslims. Maybe if he had gone to intelligence briefings even once in the last week! How dare him attack freedom of speech and justify the film as being the cause of the murders when in fact it was a planned al Qaida attack on 9/11. Jeez, I could have told you that the film was not the cause of the murders. The murders happen not because of us but because radical Muslim terrorists want Americans to die. And how is the best way our President responds to these acts if terror? A slap on the wrist of the terrorists and an apology from America for making the terrorists mad in the first place. Obama just does not get it. We need to elect a President who will defend America.

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