Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama's Cash For Clunkers Put Mechanics Out of Work

Recently, my brother got a local mechanic who needed work to come to my house and help me fix my lawn mower. This local mechanic said that he lives off of doing odd jobs. He said he is a mechanic who once had his own car repair shop in town. He had to close his shop after Obama's Cash for Clunkers because there were less older cars that needed to be fixed.

I wonder how many other mechanics were hurt after Obama's Cash for Clunkers? I wonder how many families were put in a financial crunch because they turned in their paid off older car for a new car that came with a new monthly bill. I wonder if prices for older parts have gone up because the cash for clunker parts had to be destroyed which caused less older car parts to be in circulation?

Cash for Clunkers might have initially created a boost for car manufacturers, but that boost did not last long and the program also created many unintended consequences....

Oh, and it cost BILLIONS in our hard earned tax dollars to pay for the program!

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  1. It is a little bit ridiculous that billions of the dollars used for funding are tax payer dollars, the tax payers get nothing in return while the market keeps on flooding it self between consumer and business rates.

    -David Enabulele