Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hypocrite: Obama Bashed Bush over Troop Deaths But Says Romney Can't Use Embassy Death Against Him

Obama thinks it was ok to bash Bush and McCain in an election year over troop deaths, but Obama does not think it is right for Romney to bash Obama Middle East failure using the death of the Ambassador in Libya. Apparently it is ok for Obama to use deaths for political gain in an election but it is not ok for Romney to use American Embassy deaths against Obama in this election. What a hypocrite! Romney is right, this attack shows that Obama has failed in the middle east. In fact, Obama's policies have likely destabilized the Middle East even more than before we intervened over there! The weapons used to kill our ambassador were probably given to the Libyans by the United States!

From BuzzFeed:

Barack Obama Used Troop Deaths To Ding Bush, McCain Support For Iraq In 2008

The Obama campaign hit Mitt Romney for using the “tragic death of one of our diplomatic officers in Libya” to “launch a political attack.” On a July 2008 appearance on CNN, then-Senator used the death of U.S. troops in Afghanistan as talking point to ding John McCain and President Bush for their support of the Iraq War.

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