Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BISD's "Butch" Carroll Thomas Can't Pull Race Card after Being Rejected for Texas Education Commissioner

Governor Rick Perry named Michael Williams of Arlington the Texas State Commissioner of Education, effective September 1, 2012.

Former Beaumont Independent School District Superintendent "Butch" Carroll Thomas applied for this position. Thomas wreaked havoc at BISD with stupid financial decisions and race based decisions like trying to use school tax dollars to build a hotel, re-hiring a black contractor who stole millions from the school, sending black teachers to a national black conference using tax money to foot the bill.

Thomas liked to pull the race card when people criticized him. In the application for the State Commissioner, Thomas submitted basically an entire book praising himself. I am sure that Thomas would have pulled the race card if he did not get picked for this state level position.

But Wait! Governor Perry picked a great black conservative to fill the position. I guess Thomas cannot pull the race card for not getting picked. He must be really upset.

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  1. Touche! Thomas took Beaumont for a ride, just like Obama is doing...hmmmm....you think he may have gave him pointers? Thomas would have thrown havoc on Texas if he had been chosen. Perry surprises me sometime. I hope he keeps it up. Perry heard us from the Cruz-Dewhurst race and learnt from it, many do not.