Sunday, September 23, 2012

RALLY Oct 5th to Support Kountze Kids Faith @ Kountze, TX Football Game

Oct 4th, the day before the rally, there will be a hearing in the Texas State District Court of Steve Thomas on whether or not to grant a Permanent Restraining Order against the School Ban. A Permanent Restraining Order will allow the students to Hold signs with Bible Verses. This ruling could have ripple effect NATIONWIDE!

Please make plans to attend the Oct 5th rally!

Show support for this rally on facebook! Go to the rally facebook event page HERE and click like or click join to tell everyone that you are going
Kountze RALLY
To Support Kountze Kids Faith
Oct. 5th, 2012 7:30PM
@ Kountze Lions Home Football Game

 FYI: Price to enter football game is $4 or $5 for adults

Kountze, TX Football Stadium Address:

1488 FM 1293

Kountze, Texas 77625

Dear Kountze Residents, Texans, and anyone else in America for that matter:

Everyone please show up to the next Kountze Lions home football game to show support for the kids in Kountze. Show up with red shirts and bring signs with Bible Verses and religious encouragements. Bring signs that say we support these Kountze kids who are standing up for their Constitutional Religious Rights. Remember last Christmas when the Henderson County Courthouse in Athens, Texas came under attack by Atheists who told them that they had to remove their nativity scene?  The residents of Athens stood up against this attack and thousands of people from everywhere came to rally in support. It was amazing and the nation watched as Athens fought off the Atheists. Let's do the same thing here! This is the first home game since these kids were told they could not have signs with Bible verses or anything else religious on them because the KISD Administration acted on some WRONG advice from the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). These kids are standing up for their faith and for the Constitution so we should stand up for them! Many people hear know that the First Amendment says that Congress shall make no law establishing Religion but many people forget the second part that says Congress shall also NOT Prohibit the Free Exercise of Religion. These students have a right to make their OWN PERSONAL signs to hold up at a PUBLIC event. Let's give these students a home game rally like they have never seen before! With all the national attention this Kountze situation has received, the nation is LITERALLY watching us!

Also, please be respectful at the game. We want to support the kids and stand up for their religious rights, but the kids will be playing a game we do not want to make a scene that will hurt the kids or act silly in front of the media. We want to be good witnesses for God. We can stand with the kids and stand for their rights at the same time as being respectful. If other people have anti religious signs do not argue with them. Just hold yours proud and support the kids. The anti religious crowd will be greatly outnumbered anyways.


Michael "David" Bellow Jr.
Texas Conservative Republican News


Come to Angel Gardens after the Oct 5th home football game to visit and have fellowship. Invite your out of town guest to stop by. It will be a good time to pause and reflect the accomplisments of our fine young Kids of Kountze High School. There will be hot chocolate and cookies. see ya there
Angel Gardens 1120 East Williford, Kountze, TX (turn between Tobacco Barn and Conoco 1 mile)

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  1. David and Cindy ReedOctober 6, 2012 at 7:33 PM

    A good time was had by all here at Angel Gardens here in Kountze following the football game. There was good fellowship about the game and our cheerleaders. A great visit with State Representative James White help make a very special evening. Thanks to all who attended. Cindy and David Reed

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