Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Obama Cannot Fill Stadium at DNC so Speech Moved to Smaller Arena. Rush Limbaugh "Black Panther Stadium"

People are so upset about President Obama's last four lousy years that he cannot even fill a stadium to accept the Presidential Nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

They said Obama's speech would be in Bank of America Stadium Rain or Shine..... and yet they claim they cancelled the speech because of a 20% chance of rain!

Yeah right, they cancelled the speech because they would not be able to fill the 75,000 seat stadium. They moved the speech to a 20,000 seat convention hall.

The Democrats tried to distract people from their inability to fill the stadium by calling Rush Limbaugh racist for calling the stadium "black panther stadium".... this was a play on words because the stadium at home of the Panthers NFL Football team, and the Democrats are known for protecting and supporting the radical, racist New Black Panther group.

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