Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Democrat Platform is HORRIBLE - God Booed, Obama 200 times, Partial Birth Abortions Paid by Taxes

Read the Full 2012 Democrat Party Platform here: http://www.democrats.org/democratic-national-platform?source=DNC_TW

The Democrats took God and Support for Israel out of their platform but then after they got some bad press they added them back in. Even the vote to add God back in to the platform was a divided vote with half of the Democrat crowd yelling NO. Does this represent America? NO!

The Democratic Platform was in favor of late term (9th month!) and partial birth abortions funded by our tax dollars.

Even just as disturbing is that the 2012 Democrat Platform mentions Obama by name over 200 times! A Party Platform is not supposed to be about a person or in support of a person. A Party Platform is supposed to be a set of values and beliefs. The people of a party are people who prescribe to the party platform. It is not the other way around. The party should not build itself around a candidate! The party should be built around a set of beliefs! Well, that is what the Democrats have done. They have no beliefs or values, they just believe whatever Obama says and does. They have built their platform around him. In contrast, the Republicans only mentioned Mitt Romney once in the Republican Platform and that was only in the Introduction and the the platform itself!

Watch this Allen West Campaign YouTube Video: Three times they said no to God


Here is what Liberty Institute had to say about the Removal of God Controversy at the DNC 2012:

Wednesday, delegates of the Democratic National Convention voted to add the mention of God back into the party platform, but not everyone in the Charlotte arena was happy about the announcement as many booed and shook their fists.

The party received criticism the day before for removing God from the platform, which was included in 2008. They also eliminated the mention of Jerusalem, but that was added back in with Wednesday’s vote as well.

The elimination of God from the Democratic Party platform appears to be consistent with the current administration that has been working very hard to remove God from the public arena altogether. Although the mention of God was voted back in, it is disappointing that the delegates were so divided on the issue and that the announcement evoked such a negative reaction from the crowd. It is the harsh reality of where we are headed as a nation, and a very real example of the growing hostility to religious freedom.

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