Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TX Dem. Reps Praise Speaker Straus for Blocking Abortion and Gun Bills this Legislative Session

Democrats tate Representatives praise Texas Speaker Joe Straus for blocking anti-abortion and pro-gun bills this session.

The following are quotes excerpts from an article in the Austin American Statesman:

Straus’ success came as he presided over a center-right coalition that included Democrats, Henson said. He also kept control by steering the greater debate away from guns and abortion, leaving the right wing of the Republican Party “understandably dissatisfied,” Henson said

State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, spent much of the legislative session two years ago fighting Straus and his lieutenants by using parliamentary maneuvers to derail the Republican proposals that defined that session.

This time around, Martinez Fischer and other Democrats were comparatively quiet. Part of it was the lack of divisive measures — like the 2011 efforts to ban sanctuary cities and demand sonograms before abortions — but just as much, it was Straus’ willingness to keep focused.

Rep. Van Taylor, a frequent critic of Straus, had a different take on the relative serenity of the 83rd legislative session. The Plano Republican said the calmness reflects an aversion to controversy.

“Republicans lost a golden opportunity to pass a lot of conservative legislation,” Taylor said, citing gun and abortion legislation that did not pass. He also said Straus should have ensured the chamber approved a more conservative budget that didn’t “raid the rainy day fund” and “lurch to the left,” Taylor said.

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  1. Straus is NOT a conservative! He needs to be replaced as Speaker. This session has been the worse for education, the worse for security of our laws regarding our court system and the worst for the actual taxpayers.

  2. Straus IS conservative. Democrats would not elect him if they were in the majority. Just ask one of them. Start with Trey Martinez Fischer.

  3. I elieve the only hope that the conservative voters have is that Gov. Perry will use his veto pen and veto any and all legislation that has pork barrell money in it and any oher slush funds. I believe by eliminating all the pork barrell money and other slush funds this money could be used to help balance the budget without all the card tricks that is currenltly being used by our liberal elected officials in Austin.