Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TX LT Gov. Dewhurst requests Special Session for Abortion and Gun Bills that Straus Killed

Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus and the Leaders of Joe Straus killed major bills in the Texas House of Representatives that would further restrict abortions in Texas and give the people of Texas more gun rights. Texas Lieutenant David Dewhurst is not happy that Joe Straus killed these important conservative bills (Straus did not want too much controversy and wanted the Democrats to be happy) so Dewhurst has asked Governor Perry to add some of these bills to the upcoming Special Session.

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Good morning Austin.
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst wants a special session of the Legislature so that conservatives can have their way on concealed carry, abortion, drug-testing of welfare recipients and other issues near and dear to their hearts without having to suffer the rules of the regular session that have enabled the Democratic minority to thwart the will of the Republican majority.
The lieutenant governor signaled his desire in the two tweets above, but made his most declarative statement in an interview yesterday with Dave Montgomery of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Montgomery is a jewel of the Capitol press corps, a canny Columbo of the “just one more thing … maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t understand this,” style of interrogation, the cunning of his approach further obscured by his Huckleberry Hound delivery but unmasked, daily, in the excellence of his copy.
Here is the top of Montgomery’s story on his interview with Dewhurst:
“Angered by the demise of key bills considered priorities by conservatives, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst declared in an interview Thursday that Gov. Rick Perry should quickly force lawmakers back to the Capitol for a special session after adjournment Monday.
Dewhurst wants to revive a bill that would require drug tests for welfare recipients, one that would permit students with concealed-handgun licenses to carry guns inside campus buildings and a package of bills that would further restrict abortions.
His request also includes political redistricting; school vouchers, also known as school choice; an end to the state’s windstorm insurance program “without a rate shock”; and a more restrictive constitutional cap on state spending.

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  1. Strauss is a Retarded Imbecile kiss ass to liberal socialists and CORRUPTED to the core ;
    we don`t need this sold out idiot on our Congress. We need to kick this retard out now.

  2. I just don't understand how he ended up speaker again. I was so mad about that and now we see what kind of RHINO he was. (for those that couldn't admit or see it before) I am proud of Dewhurst and will be contacting him to let him know.