Friday, May 10, 2013

Lumberton Texas flash flooding. Cars in ditches and roads flooded

Lumberton Texas flash flooding right now. Cars in ditches. This car in ditch is by McDonalds. The storm this past hour that caused this flooding did not last very long but the ditches were already full from the flash flooding this morning. The flooding this morning was much worse than this. this morning I got over 6 inches of rain in a little over 3 hours.

Another picture you see is of a truck driving through the flooded intersection of Highway 421 and Highway 69.

Here are also some pictures of the new road that was recently built through the middle of Lumberton. As you can see the new road is completely filled with water. You would have thought of that knowing roads flooded in Lumberton the city would have raise this road a couple feet up as they built it so that this new road does not flood like all the old roads. Oh well.

It is starting to rain again right now and it is supposed to rain more today and tomorrow so be careful out there!

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