Friday, May 10, 2013

2012 RNC Benghazi Attack Ad That Never Aired - Romney Pulled Plug on Exposing Obama's 9/11 Attack Scandal

I always thought that Romney would have had a better chance to win if he had really gone after Obama on the Benghazi coverup... there was never a riot about a video and Americans died with no plan in place to go save them in case of a terrorist attack. Obama had not been to his security briefings, it was the week of September 11 and thee was chatter about a 9/11 attack. Romney went soft and made alot of people mad by not going after Obama over the Libya Islamic terrorist attack. The one time that Rmoney did finally mention it was in a debate with Obama and Obama was quickly able to change the subject and twist round Romney's words.

Apparently, we now know tht the RNC even had an attack ad ready to air but Romney pulled the plug on the ad.

We now know for certain that there was a coverup and massive failure by Obama's Secretary of State Department. This scandal could have come out before Obama's election but Romney pulled the plug.


9 May 2013 post a comment

ABC News has uncovered a hard-hitting 2012 Republican National Committee (RNC) television ad attacking President Barack Obama for failed leadership on Benghazi that never ran after the Romney campaign objected over concerns the spot would detract from Romney’s focus on the economy.

The ad, which is based on Hillary Clinton’s famous “3 a.m. phone call” from her failed 2008 presidential run, features a ringing phone that goes unanswered as images of the flaming U.S. consulate in Libya appear on the screen.

“The Call Came…On September 12, 2012,” reads the screen. “Security Requests Denied. Four Americans Dead. And an Administration whose story is still changing. The Call Came.”

As Breitbart News reported exclusively, in the week leading up to the terrorist attacks that claimed the life of U.S. Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three members of his staff, the White House calendar showed no public record of Obama attending his daily intelligence briefings.

A study by the Government Accountability Institute revealed that Obama attended just 43.8% of his daily intelligence briefings in his first 1,225 days in office.
Click below to watch the video:


WATCH: RNC Benghazi Attack Ad That Never Ran

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