Friday, May 31, 2013

Texas Merry Christmas Bill Passes! Filed by Senator Robert Nichols and Representative Dwayne Bohac

Back in February 2013 I posted up an article about how my Texas State Senator Robert Nichols filed a "Merry Christmas Bill" that will protect schools and students from getting sued by left wing groups that want to force people to do things like call a Christmas tree a holiday tree because they think saying Christmas Tree in a school is offensive. Texas State Representative Dwayne Bohac originally filed the "Merry Christmas Bill" in the Texas House of Representatives.

Well, the bill passed and will become law very soon.

the following is from the Daily Caller:

After a good amount of hoopla, Texas Governor Rick Perry is expected to quietly sign legislation allowing public schools to celebrate Christmas and other winter holidays plainly and explicitly without fear of lawsuits.
The proposed law, dubbed the “Merry Christmas Bill,” sailed easily through both the Texas House and Senate and now awaits the Perry’s signature, reports the Dallas Observer. Vote tallies were 145-2 in the House and 29-0 in the Senate.
With Perry’s signature, the law will take effect beginning in fall 2013 — roughly 120 shopping days before Christmas.

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