Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hispanic Workers Suing to FORCE U.S. English Speaking Employer to Talk to them in Spanish

Are you serious? This is the reason so many people just tune out and do not want to try to work on immigration reform. They just get so ticked off at some of this stupuid stuff! These Spanish speaking janitors are suing the public school they work at because they want to force the school to translate everything to Spanish for them. So if they have someone there who speaks French or German do they have to translate everything for every single employee? This is America! We need a common language. I thought you had to at least know some English to become a United States citizen anyways. You are welcome here, I am for legal immigration, but for crying out loud learn English! You should come here and try to assimilate, not force us to assimilate to the country you came from. If I went to another country and demanded that they speak to me in English they would laugh at me. I am expected to learn their language. This is ridiculous!

the following is from Biz Pac Review:

Spanish speaking janitors file complaint against English-only school

There is an interesting discrimination case developing in Denver that is sure to raise some eyebrows.
A group of 12 Hispanic custodians employed by the Auraria Higher Education Center have filed a discrimination complaint against the campus operator claiming their work related orders and instructions are only being given in English, a language they don’t speak.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is reviewing the case, but the complaint could ultimately wind up before a federal judge, CBS 4 Denver reported.
The custodians claim the Auraria Campus is deliberately keeping “employees that only speak Spanish in the dark on the terms and conditions of their employment, changes in their working status, safety and more,” the report said.
Bertha Ribota told CBS “she was injured at work because she couldn’t read a warning sign that was in English.”
“If I could speak English I wouldn’t have the problems that exist,” she said.
However, campus spokesman Blaine Nickeson told CBS there is no state law or statute requiring Auraria Campus to translate. He said they believe “employees should understand some basic English.”
“It is not our goal to provide every document translated or every conversation translated, Nickeson said. “Our employees are expected to interact with members of our public and that interaction we expect them to be able to communicate with our public.”
Enter attorney Tim Markham who explained the discrimination complaint to CBS: “What is sort of a neutral business practice, that they speak English on campus and it’s an English-only campus actually has a discriminatory impact on this group of workers.”
Watch more on this story from CBS 4 Denver

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