Monday, November 18, 2013

UT Regent Wallace Hall Attacked for exposing Democrat Senator's unethical backdoor deals with University of Texas

It is almost unbelievable that something like this could happen in Texas. University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall was looking into corruption. He uncovered things like letters from Democrat State Senator Judith Zaffirini to Officials at UT trying to get friends of Zaffirini admitted to UT even though they were not qualified and had previously been rejected.

What reward does Hall get for his noble actions to uncover corruption, including financial scandals?

Mr Hall gets rewarded by having Liberal Texas Speaker Joe Straus side with Democrats like Zaffirini and now there is a Texas House investigation into Hall. I suppose I am not surprised that Straus is attacking a good guy who is uncovering corruption...

from Texas bureau:

AUSTIN — On Dec. 3, 2010, state Sen. Judith Zaffirini tried to use her clout withUniversity of Texas System Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa, writing a letter on behalf of an applicant to the University of Texas School of Law.
On Dec. 14, Cigarroa wrote back, assuring Zaffirini, “I will convey your strong recommendation to President Bill Powers” and “I can assure you that he will receive careful consideration.”
Regent Wallace Hall is facing impeachment for mentioning the existence of two letters like this one. At Hall’s show trial Tuesday before a select committee, his persecutors made it clear their strategy is to accuse him of a crime for sharing this information.
Yet, curiously, the letters themselves were hardly mentioned Tuesday. This is why.
The proper channel for recommendations is the Law School Admissions Council. Letters sent outside that channel are clearly meant to gain the applicant admission through influence rather than merit.
It isn’t hard to understand why Cigarroa didn’t correct or scold Zaffirini — university officials invest a lot in trying to keep Zaffirini and a handful of other lawmakers happy.
There are the flattering notes. “Somehow, a football game is dull without your presence in our suite so I get a little jealous when you are in WP’s suite,” Cigarroa emailed Zaffirini last year. WP refers to UT President William Powers.
Then there’s the money. The five luxury box tickets to all Longhorns home games, which the university system has provided since at least 2010 to Zaffirini, her husband, her son and two of their friends, are worth about $30,000 a year.
Then there are the admissions favors, and the question of how effective and commonplace are letters sent outside of the Admissions Council.
One of the accusations against Hall is that his large records requests have been too much of a burden for the university.
It turns out that Zaffirini, one of Hall’s accusers, is far from shy about imposing work on the public records staff at the university system.
On March 26, Zaffirini filed a massive request for “any and all data that relate in any way to the following categories,” naming Powers, Hall and some two dozen people, dating back two years. The system had to contract an outside company to fulfill the request.
She wrote Cigarroa to complain it was taking staff too long to fulfill her requests.
“Frankly, I don’t understand such delays and what always seems to be an over-abundance of concern about what might be confidential – when, of course, usually it is not,” she wrote.

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