Monday, November 18, 2013

Texas A&M Law Professor Wants the 2nd Amendment REPEALED

Texas A&M University is a great school to go to, especially for conservatives. There are all kinds of conservative groups and it is consistently ranked as one of the most conservative Universities in America based on the large percentage of self identified conservatives in the student body population.

Just because Texas A&M is conservative does not mean that Texas A&M does not have some liberal nutjobs though. I remember there being some crazy left wing professors at Texas A&M when I went there.

We can add one more crazy liberal professor to the list.

Apparently, one of the law school professors wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment!

from Red Alert Politics:

A professor at a Texas law school believes she has the solution to gun violence, one that includes the complete repeal and replacement of the Second Amendment.
Texas A&M law professor Mary Margaret Penrose spoke on panel discussing gun control and the Second Amendment during a day-long symposium at the University of Connecticut’s School of Law. During the panel, the professor asked the audience — full of law students and attorneys — if they felt legislation to prevent gun tragedies was successful. As the room remained silent, Penrose then suggested it was time for some controversial changes to be made to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

read the full story about this liberal professor here:

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  1. I will be glad to give up my guns, bullets first of course. Perhaps she should move out of the great state of Texas and go to Ohio or any other of the Liberal states. I'm sure she would be welcomed with open arms.