Monday, November 11, 2013

Barry Smitherman Sued Obama's EPA 7 times to Protect Texas Oil and Gas - Most Qualified for Attorney General

The Texas Attorney General election is not until the March 2014 Republican Primary, but the race is already in full swing. One candidate is clearly the most qualified and experienced for the job. Barry Smitherman. The Texas Attorney General is the top lawyer for the State of Texas. The Attorney General defends Texas against lawsuits, and he also files lawsuits against others, like Obama, on behalf of Texas in order to protect Texas. When the new Texas late term abortion restrictions passed into law, it was the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, who defended the law in court so that the law could go into effect. When Obama passed Obamacare, it was the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, who sued Obama in order to protect the rights of the people of Texas and to protect the state sovereignty of the State of Texas from the over-reaching healthcare law.

Greg Abbott is stepping down from his current job as Texas Attorney General in order to run in the Texas Governor's race. Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman is stepping up and running to fill the shoes that Greg Abbot will be leaving.

So who in the Texas Attorney General's race is actually experienced and qualified to defend the laws of Texas from President Obama's over-reaching administration?

Barry Smitherman is the only candidate with the qualifications and experience to do the job. Why? Because Barry Smitherman has ALREADY sued Obama's EPA 7 times. Greg Abbott likes to say that he has the best job in the world because he wakes up and gets to sue Obama. Well, if you have to replace Abbott, it should be someone who already knows how to sue Obama and loves doing it. The only person in the race who can say that is Barry Smitherman.

Obama's EPA is constantly coming to Texas trying to kill our oil, gas and energy industry. Obama wants to kill our jobs, raise gas prices, and force his climate change agenda on Texas.

Every time Obama's EPA came to Texas to attack our great State, Barry Smitherman was right there standing tall and fighting back. 

As head of the Texas Public Utilities Commission, Smitherman sued Obama's EPA 5 times. Then, as the statewide, elected Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, Smitherman sued Obama's EPA 2 more times. Suing Obama 7 times is a huge statement and one that clearly shows that Smitherman is already ready to step into the position of Texas Attorney General and keep on suing Obama. Smitherman's record is almost too good to be true so PolitiFact has examined all seven lawsuits and has determined that it is true that Smitherman has sues Obama's EPA 7 times. Smitherman really is as conservative, genuine, and dedicated as he seems. His proven record shows that he is not too good to be true. He is just too good.

I want an Attorney General who is not afraid to go toe to toe with Obama and Barry Smitherman has the proven record to show that he can and will Stand up to Obama and protect and defend Texas. According to the Texas Tribune, during one of Smitherman’s past Public Utility Commissions meetings, chairman Barry Smitherman, in a brief digression from the agends, said that the federal agency was attempting to “disarm the U.S. economy,” with a raft of rules covering everything from fly-ash waste from coal plants to greenhouse gasses.

Lastly, check out the video below from Barry Smitherman's campaign. Smitherman calls for Texans to join his conservative crusade to defend and protect the laws and Constitution of the great State of Texas. Count me in!

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