Monday, November 18, 2013

Michael Quinn Sullivan Defends Dan Patrick Against False Attacks from Todd Staples

the following is a press release that I got today from Dan Patrick:

Contact:  Allen Blakemore
November 18, 2013

Todd Staples Levels Another False Charge Against Dan Patrick
Michael Quinn Sullivan speaks out on the latest attack from Todd Staples.

HOUSTON – Last week Todd Staples, struggling mightily to impugn the record of his authentic conservative opponent Dan Patrick, sent out a misleading press release focusing on Patrick’s rating by Texans for Fiscal Responsibility in 2007.  Michael Quinn Sullivan, the leader of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, was quick to rebuke the fact-challenged claim.  In a statement, Mr. Sullivan said:

The fact of the matter is that in 2007 Sen. Patrick voted against the bloated budget and had the 4th-highest rating of all 31 senators on that inaugural Fiscal Responsibility Index.  Since then, Sen. Patrick has consistently ranked near or at the top of the Fiscal Responsibility Index and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility rankings.

By way of comparison, Mr. Staples’ legislative services pre-dates the Fiscal Responsibility Index, it should not be ignored that he voted for a 16% budget increase in 2001 and later – in 2006 – Staples voted to impose the gross receipts tax on Texas’ small businesses.

In Sen. Patrick, we look forward to having a lieutenant governor who has stood steadfast for commonsense budget and property tax reforms, while arguing consistently for making the state senate more transparent and responsive to the people of Texas.

“In debates and written statements, Todd Staples denies that he voted for in-state tuition, driver license’s, and free non-emergency healthcare for illegal immigrants,” said Allen Blakemore, campaign strategist for the Dan Patrick Campaign.  “His record is inescapable.  The Senate Journal shows he did vote for those bills in 2001 and 2003.” (see

“It is laughable to anyone who follows the Texas Senate for Todd Staples to suggest that Dan Patrick is not a conservative leader in that legislative body," added Blakemore.  “It’s another swing a miss for Mr. Staples.”


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