Saturday, November 9, 2013

Texas Rep James White Urges U.S. House Members to Oppose ENDA that Elevates sexual identity and Hurts Business

the following is a press release from Texas State Representative James White:

November 8, 2013

State Representative James White is calling on the Texas congressional delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives to oppose the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) currently being considered by Congress. A bill that would elevate gender identity and sexual orientation as classifications afforded special treatment under federal law, ENDA passed the U.S. Senate by a 64-32 vote Thursday, with every Democrat and ten Republicans supporting it.
Representative White believes this legislation not only would subject business owners to unnecessary regulation and lawsuit abuse, but it is also unconstitutional on the grounds that it would require many of them to violate their deeply held religious convictions.
“This legislation is yet another burden on our economy and affront to our liberty that the Obama Administration and his allies in Congress are trying to impose on the American people,” said Representative White. “With Americans becoming increasingly frustrated by a national debt now more than $17 trillion, an exceedingly complicated tax code, aging infrastructure, and dysfunctional government websites, it is astonishing to me that the Senate is wasting its time inciting division and animosity to achieve an ill-conceived political agenda.”
ENDA is now pending in the House of Representatives, where Republicans hold a majority and have indicated their opposition to it.
“Thank God the Founders had the wisdom and foresight to establish a bicameral legislature, where the follies of one body could be hedged by the other,” said Representative White. “I hope and expect the House will put an end to this monstrosity called ENDA.”
Ahead of the next session of the State Legislature, Representative White intends to work with other common-sense conservatives to identify protections for Texas businesses against such unwarranted assaults on free enterprise and religious liberty.

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