Friday, November 1, 2013

Beaumont, TX Abortion Clinic Slammed with 13 Health and Safety Violations

As a Federal Court was granting an injunction to block tighter safety and health restrictions for abortion clinics in Texas, one Abortion clinic was getting hit with over a dozen health and safety violations discovered by the Texas Department of Health. The injunction was reversed on appeal and the tighter abortion safety laws are now in effect. How ironic that, as the Federal courts discussed the need to tighten health and safety restriction for abortion clinics, a Beaumont, TX Whole Woman's Health abortion clinic was proving that there DO need to be tighter restrictions. We of course already knew there needed to be tighter restrictions after last year's stories of death doctors all across America who were killing babies after they were born and putting the lives of women at risk.

from 12 News Beaumont:


12News has learned that Beaumont's only abortion and women's health clinic has been flagged on 13 violations by the Texas Department of Health.

The October 3 inspection at Whole Woman's Health of Beaumont turned up potential health issues.
The report says the facility failed to provide a safe environment for patients and staff.  The suction machines which were used on patients had numerous rusty spots which, "had the likelihood to cause infection."
The report also says, "the facility failed to have the EKG monitoring equipment ready if an emergency situation occurred..."

Fatima Gifford, the spokeswoman for Whole Woman's Health, said Tuesday that at this time, the clinic did not have a comment, but said the staff is looking into the allegations in order to prepare a response to the Texas Department of Health. She says the clinic's goal is to provide safe, compassionate abortion care, and they take these matters seriously.

She went on to say that management does not believe this is anything suspicious or political on the part of the Texas Department of Health Services.  Her response was in light of Monday's judge's ruling which granted an injunction on a law that would have made abortions more restrictive in Texas
Click here to see a copy of the report

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  1. Women need to thank the legislators for this law because women think they are going into safe environments when they
    enter an abortion facility and to read this that the suction machine had rust spots is just deplorable. These women find themselves in difficult situations and we stand outside the Whole Woman's Health and try to provide help. They need to be shown compassion and some sense of helpful reasoning to help them through their difficult situations. Will they come out alive. Will they have injuries. Will they be able to conceive again. Women go to abortion clinics and these abortion doctors are not always allowed hospital privileges. Hospitals know but the women do not know the abortion doctor's history.