Thursday, October 25, 2012

We Are The Frogs - The 150 - Call to Action by Jay Sharp

We are the Frogs!
By Jay Sharp

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It is said that there were warnings spoken by “prophets” to the Jewish people living in Germany prior to the holocaust. It is also said that “the furor” showed signs early on of being demanding and controlling.

As the old adage goes “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

We find ourselves coming to the end of 2012 in the midst of societal decay. Bankruptcy & bail outs, foreclosures, recession & depression are scattered throughout the decadent remains of this America. The nation building, war mongering, monetary manipulation & organized terrorism down to the exploitation of our families, our women & our children, have become the calling cards of this nation consumed by greed and power. When a nation institutes and legalizes the erosion and destruction of the fabric of religious freedom and moral value, they will indeed find that the “tree” may grow for a season but “its root” will be shallow. When the wind decides to blow, that nation will fall into ruin due to its lack of foundation! America is no different than Rome. The only thing that will be recognizable in the future will be the ruins of our buildings and the road systems that we developed while America was alive. It was less than 40 years ago, that America was referred to as the “land of hope and opportunity.” The lack of leadership in the American Church and the American Government over the past 40 years has sent the country down the path defining the classes and destroying the collective moral compass.

If you are reading this document, chances are that you are one of the frogs, regardless of your socioeconomics, local or regional status or how secure your life currently feels. You are a “Frog!” If you are one who currently lives in America, I encourage you not to choose a “dismissive mental protocol” for the remainder of this document. This document can be Travis’ Line for some or Brutus’ dagger for others. This document is meant to inform, instigate, confront and inspire… YOU THE FROG. You might be asking, “What do frogs have to do with religion and politics?” Remember the story of the Frog, “If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, the frog will jump out. If you place the frog in the pot of water and slowly turn up the heat he will boil to death.” We, the frogs, are in that pot of water. Understand that Germany was a quiet and peaceful place to raise children and families prior to the war mongering and dictatorship. We have to clearly understand that we are in the midst of a war for our freedom and liberty in America TODAY! We the frogs are being systematically dumbed down and at the same time
being forced into government subsidies while “they” go broke. We are having our supply lines cut off as they entertain us as they seed & water the “American Dream” in our collective mind…and then we go finance it! Once burdened under the payments of this “American Illusion” the nation becomes a rescue for the rich and the handout of control for the poor. Nothing is Free! They begin to say “Too Big to Fail” and subsequently saying that me and you are “Too Small to Save.” Frogs are the collateral damage of this greedy man’s game and this war for freedom and liberty.
A few years back, I was working for a major insurance provider in Texas after Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Obviously, there were a lot of claims that year for the damages all along the Gulf Coast. Our local office was being required to attend a regional meeting, where the agency response was going to be discussed. While at the meeting the “head honcho” leading the meeting said that the insurance corporation made the decision to reduce their overall exposure by 60%. Sitting in this meeting were agents from all of the Southeast Texas Region, some having been for 30 or 40 years. There were a lot of grumbles and moans for a while as the speaker stood silent…then an older agent in the back said, “What does that mean for us?” The speaker said, “We will begin to reduce the number of new clients across the board.” Then the older agent asked, “So, you are going to force us to NOT take on NEW CLIENTS?! If you do that, some of us are going to go under!” The speaker said, “You are right, but we have made the decision to reduce our exposure by 60% over the next year.” What was insane was that the speaker then continued to try and encourage the agent’s loyalty to the company that was cutting their throats. Some agents did shut down or sell out, but I also know that there were a couple who died as a result of the stress of those decisions. I guess, in the long run, the insurance corporation got their 60% reduction…dead or alive! This type of behavior is just a microcosm of America. The frogs have worked to build a fine tuned machine. The greed of a few have exposed the entire machine, and now we the frogs are being asked to pledge allegiance as we get in their welfare lines or get our tag at the morgue.
Responsibility: Don’t Go Down without a fight!
I currently walk down a road with 2 ditches on the topics of Freedom & Liberty. The first ditch is “Assuming that the majority is actively trying to prepare, plan and gather.” The second ditch is “Assuming that no one is trying to do anything and no one is aware or cares.”
Corporatism, Nationalism, Fascism and Communism currently manifest in a multitude of ways taking advantage of the weak, breaking the strong and oppressing the peasant frogs. Throughout human history these cycles have been expressed and eradicated, expressed and eradicated. Those who rule with an iron fist are often crushed by a peasant’s hand, those who rape & pillage the land are historically swallowed up by it, and those who refuse to give thanks for the kingdoms in their hand end up losing their minds as they are turned out to graze with the animals in the field. The commoner, the peasant and the frog all being one will find themselves at a crossroads between a revolution and denial. Fight or Flight! We are at the breaking point in America, where personal rights & freedom are set aside for the illegal and criminal. Blind patriotism and nationalism will get you killed by this government that we give our allegiance to. It is time to reclaim our land and our freedom for the future of our children and their families.
Formula for Revolution: (Oppression + Revelation = Revolution)
Humanity is not new to oppression, slavery & control. A revolution has to have three elements at work in order to ignite.
First you must have people. We are the only beings on earth that can consciously develop the option of revolution. An animal might instinctively react to a handler or individual, however that animal will not develop a network of other like-minded animals to take over from an oppressive handler or individual. This very idea was the plot for “Planet of the Apes.”
Second, the people have to realize that they are oppressed. Your reality of oppression… be it personal, financial, socially or governmentally is paramount to the ignition switch of revolution.
Third, once a people have realized that they are oppressed, they then have to be able to identify the oppressor!
I see a cloud on the horizon, smoke billowing from the cities and the spirit of our founders arising from the ashes to once again establish freedom and liberty in this land. There is no more money and the money you do have is declining as we speak. Your personal rights are taken away before your eyes to the tune of ambiguous terrorism and false flag operations. You are not an animal, you are human yet you are being treated as though you do not have the mental capacity to comprehend both subtle and deliberate oppression and control tactics being used by this government. The government has a vested interest in the dumbing down dependency of the nation’s citizenry. The citizenry is you and me…the frogs!
This is an invitation to the peasant citizen frogs. It is an invitation to pray, gather and unite. You are invited to begin gathering with the “like minded.” Follow up with the one who gave this to you and they will give you more information. Do not get involved if you are not ready to work, plan and live for freedom and liberty. Do not get involved if you already have unbreakable allegiances or alliances with any other groups. (ie. Masons, Nation of Islam or Arians) This group is devoted to developing a brotherhood for liberty and freedom. Allegiances and alliances to these types of groups will only water down our devotion to freedom and liberty.

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