Sunday, October 28, 2012

NAACP President Wants Felons to Vote and Says it is Racist That They Can't

The NAACP used to serve a good purpose but they have gone from helping black people have an equal vote to now advocating for felons to be able to vote and claiming it is racist, like Jim Crow Laws, that felons can't vote. I guess they are running out of things to do now that everyone is equal so they have to pull the race card to protect felons.


The NAACP president himself is sayings felons should vote.


According to The Blaze,


In the grand scheme of accusations of racism, comparing a piece of legislation to Jim Crow is one of the more drastic such accusation one can make. Throwing around such a charge willy nilly, however, dilutes its effectiveness, especially when the law being charged seems to conform to common sense. NAACP President Ben Jealous should have been more cognizant of this fact when he sat down with CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux to discuss laws that require photo ID in order to vote.

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I worked with a guy who was in prison and changed his life when he got out and now has a family and lives a good life and votes conservative Christian values. So I am not saying that anyone who has committed a crime should never be able to vote even after they have done their time. In Texas, depending on your crime I believe, you can vote on local or state ballots once you have done your time. People who are in prison should not be able to vote while they are still in prison though.


My point is that the NAACP is saying it is RACIST that felons can't vote and they want ALL felons to be able to vote no matter what horrendous crime or murder they committed.


  1. So is the NAACP saying that most felons are black? Therefore not allowing felons to vote is racist against blacks? I think they need to spend their time helping keep blacks out of prison before they make fools of themselves.

  2. I think it's racist of them to assume most convicts are black. And if they are, then they should be arguing that it's racist that most convicts are black in the first place and we should start utilizing affirmative action principles in our courts to get more whites in there.