Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rising Democratic star TX Mayor Julian Castro backs a deal that sends millions Overseas - Obama Involved?

Julian CastroA CNN blog has reported that rising Democrat star, San Antonio Texas Mayor Julian Castro, has backed a deal that sends hundreds of millions of San Antonio tax dollars overseas to  solar power company in South Korea. This has angered American solar power companies who say they put in bids that were just as good as the South Korean big, but the Democrat mayor still decided to send the money and jobs overseas. Allegations have also surfaced that Castro might have coordinated with President Obama because, before this deal was struck, Castro had dinner at the White House with South Korean officials.

see the full story in the video below:


  1. From the Texas Observer: San Antonio's giant city-owned utility, inked a deal in January with Korean-owned, Atlanta-based OCI Solar after a competitive bidding process that included American companies. But, much to the discredit of CNN, the story never mentions that OCI will build a manufacturing plant in San Antonio and move its U.S. headquarters to the San Antonio City. Indeed, that's what made this solar project so unique: CPS Energy and Castro required the bidders to not just submit a proposal for building a 400 megawatt solar power plant but also to lay out plans for bringing a manufacturing facility to San Antonio, along with at least 800 jobs and a capital investment of $100 million.

  2. What They couldn't find a company here in America to build a plant in San Antonio? This is outrageous and sems Castro is living up to his namesake. He is a member of the Democratic Communist party after all.