Sunday, October 21, 2012

TX Planned Parenthood Accused of Allowing Teen Abortion Without Parental Notification and Not Alerting Police to Teen’s Adult Boyfriend

A Planned Parenthood Clinic in Lufkin, Texas is being accused of performing an abortion on a 15 year old girl (name withheld) without the parents knowing and without alerting police to the young teen’s 25 year old boyfriend Ronnie Pearson who allegedly took her there to get the abortion.

According to a source in the Jasper Police Department, when the parents found out about their daughter and her 25 year old boyfriend, they went to the Jasper Police Department to file a complaint against Ronnie Pearson, the accusation being rape (statutory) of their young daughter. The Police Chief at the time in Jasper, TX was Rodney Pearson, Ronnie Pearson’s dad, so the complaint went nowhere.

The parents were not happy so they went to the Texas Rangers to investigate.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has confirmed this Texas Ranger’s investigation against Ronnie Pearson, but no document could be released to protect the identity of the minor child because the investigation involves accusations of child abuse/child sexual assault.

The alleged cover-up of a child rape complaint by former Jasper Police Chief Rodney Pearson is a story all by itself and can be seen here:  Fired Jasper Chief Rodney Pearson Cover-up of Child Rape Charges Against Son Ronnie Pearson Investigated by TX Rangers

Assuming this investigation ends in charges being filed, there are many questions that will hopefully be answered when more details of the complaint and investigation come out in trial.

Did Planned Parenthood break the Texas Abortion Laws?

How did a young teen get an abortion without parental notification?

Why were the authorities not alerted if it is true that the 25 year old boyfriend brought her to get the abortion?

Did Ronnie Pearson’s father (Former Jasper Police Chief Rodney Pearson) help in any way to bypass the laws and get this minor an abortion?


  1. Phew. Thank God. It sounds like this girl doesn't need a child.

    1. The girl didn't need a 25 year old man having sex with her, but the resulting baby didn't need to be murdered. Thank God? How about asking for God's forgiveness?

    2. Topping one tragedy (rape) with another tragedy (abortion) is only going to multiply this poor young girl's emotional issues from the rape, not resolve them. We need to pray that justice is done on her behalf.

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