Monday, October 1, 2012

KrisAnne Hall – “In Context: Separation of Church and State”

Article from KrisAnne Hall – “In Context: Separation of Church and State”

“Separation of Church and State. I know of very few statements that carry so much emotion and so much misconception at the same time. Our education system stifles religious expression with this phrase. Our court systems have failed America with their rulings misapplying this phrase. Our churches have been negligent to their responsibilities because of this phrase. The culmination of all this wrong doing has led this nation down a road that, may I boldly say, our founders never intended. And now, even our government has attempted to deny our wounded warriors their very fundamental principles of faith; all because we have failed to understand the history that motivated Thomas Jefferson to make this statement to the Danbury Baptists in 1802.

What would we do as a nation if we owned the truth about Jefferson's statements in this letter? Would we have the courage to change things? Would we have the courage to stand against the false premises and give truth the victory?

Well, let's see, because here is the truth.”


From Bill Hussey:

LIBERTY COUNCIL – On this Subject:

What may be even more important in today’s times is the role that our Faith Based Institutions play – or don’t play – when it comes to discussing ‘politics’ from the pulpit. “From the founding of the country until 1954, churches and other nonprofit organizations were permitted to expressly endorse or oppose candidates for political office. That changed when Lyndon Baines Johnson ran for United States Senate. He was opposed by a nonprofit organization (not a church), and after he won the election, he proposed legislation to amend the Internal Revenue Code to prohibit nonprofit organizations, including churches, from endorsing or opposing political candidates. The Code was amended in 1954 without any debate regarding the impact of the bill.” (Source: LIBERTY COUNCIL:
Who is Liberty Council? What do they do? Why should you as one of the area’s religious leader’s care who they are? If you will take 24 minutes and 50 seconds and watch these two YouTube videos from Liberty Council, I think these questions will be answered. As few more questions will likely be raised, but I believe it’s a good investment of your time. The first video is only 13 minutes and 45 seconds – don’t view the second if you don’t have interest in hearing more, but I bet you do.

FYI – Liberty Council has a new DVD available “Take Back America: Silence is Not an Option” Every Church Leader should hear this message!

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