Friday, October 12, 2012

Media Ignoring Catholic Obamacare Lawsuits? That Explains Biden Not Knowing Obamacare Violates Faith

This Fox News article is from a few months ago, but it is worth bringing up since the Vice President Joe Biden said in his debate vs. Paul Ryan that Obamacare does not force religious institutions to violate their faith. It is strange that Biden would say that because he should know that the Catholic Church (Biden's own denomination) is suing over Obamacare forcing the church to violate their faith. Now why would Biden not know about these lawsuits? Of course he knows about these lawsuits, but the sad fact is that, most of the national media have ignored these Catholic Lawsuits. This FoxNews article explains how this huge event (the Catholic Church Opposing Obamacare) is being largely buried by the media. The articles is from a few months ago, but it still rings true today, especially in light of Bidens remarks in the debate.

Archbishop: Networks 'missed the boat' on coverage of church's ObamaCare lawsuits

The archbishop of Washington on Sunday accused the network news programs of having "missed the boat" by largely ignoring lawsuits filed this past week by Catholic institutions challenging the Obama administration's so-called contraception mandate.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, speaking on "Fox News Sunday," was responding to an analysis by the conservative Media Research Center of how the networks' evening newscasts treated coverage of the dozen federal lawsuits filed Monday. According to the center, CBS spent 19 seconds on the story after it broke, while the other networks gave it no coverage.

"It is puzzling, particularly since they're focusing so much attention right now on the pope's butler," Wuerl said, in reference the scandal in which the pope's butler Paolo Gabriele was charged with stealing sensitive documents and is suspected of leaking them.

"It seems to me that somehow they've missed the boat. They've missed the story," Wuerl said.
The story, the archbishop said, is "religious liberty."

Wuerl adamantly defended the lawsuits, which were filed by dozens of Catholic-affiliated institutions including schools, charities and the Archdiocese of Washington.

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