Saturday, June 15, 2013

Texas Governor Perry Vetoes Funding of Drunk Travis DA Rosemary Lehmberg's Public Integrity Unit

Gov. Perry Line-Item Vetoes in SB 1

Article IV - The Judiciary

Judiciary Section, Comptroller's Department
D.1.4 Strategy: PUBLIC INTEGRITY UNIT, $3,742,829 $3,830,597
Public Integrity Unit, 53rd Judicial District.

Statement from Governor Rick Perry about Line Item Veto of Public Integrity Unit:

Despite the otherwise good work the Public Integrity Unit's employees, I cannot in good conscience support continued State funding for an office with statewide jurisdiction at a time when the person charged with ultimate responsibility of that unit has lost the public's confidence. This unit is in no other way held accountable to state taxpayers, except through the State budgetary process. I therefore object to and disapprove of this appropriation.

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  1. Good thing Perry has a driver, or he would end up in the same predicament as the Travis County DA.

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