Saturday, June 15, 2013

Governor Perry Vetoes HB 2836, would've taken TEKS School Curriculum Standards from Elected State Board of Education (Texas SBOE)

Gov. Perry Vetoes HB 2836

statement from Governor Rick Perry on veto:

The State Board of Education (SBOE) is responsible for developing the curriculum standards required to be taught in Texas schools. House Bill 2836 has the potential to deemphasize the majority of these important curriculum standards in the classroom, and would also circumvent the responsibilities of the elected SBOE. The SBOE has initiated a process to streamline the scope of the curriculum standards required to be taught in classrooms, addressing concerns about the number of curriculum standards taught and assessed.

Maintaining our rigorous standards is crucial to ensuring Texas students have the fundamental building blocks necessary to succeed in their education and ultimately compete in a global economy.

why this bill was bad from Bob Hall posted on Red Hot Conservative:

HB 2836 - Takes away authority over the curriculum standards (TEKS) from our elected Texas State Board of Education members. If passed this bill allow the Marxists to control what our children are taught.

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