Thursday, June 13, 2013

Drunk Texas Soldier Attacks Bartender in Italy with Butter Knife - Bizarre International incident

You heard it here first...
He got to go on a sweet active duty mission to Italy because he was one of the top 3 soldiers at the 2013 Texas Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year competition. Now he is just lucky that he did not get charges filed against him in Italy after he, according to eyewitnesses, went on a drunken butter knife attack and created an international incident. The soldier's name will not be revealed because he has not been charged with anything (yet), but what witnesses say he did is just bizarre. Alcohol is a dangerous mind altering toxin and unfortunately many people drink too much on a regular basis and, well, incidents like this happen.
According to witnesses who saw the incident in Italy, the soldier had too much to drink so the bartender cut him off. The Sergeant then got upset and attacked the bartender with a butter knife. Thankfully the dull bade did not do much damage and the bartender got away. He then went on a rampage through the bar and destroyed tens of thousands of dollars worth of property by "donkey kong smashing" things. He was tracked down by other soldiers who followed his blood trail down to the river. He was found hiding down by the river in some bushed trying to get away from the communists who he thought were chasing him. By the time NCIS got there, the incident was over and the soldier was captured, but the damage he did in Italy was extensive. The bartender did not press charges for getting attacked by the knife wielding soldier because there were no major injuries from the butter knife. Thankfully it was not a steak knife or he might have been killed. It is unknown if the military investigation is over and what actions the military will be taking against him, but I cannot imagine the soldier getting a free pass after crating this international incident. Don't get me wrong, he might have many years of honorable service overseas under his belt and it is unfortunate that his career is likely over, but he made the decision to drink and he could have killed someone so he has to face the consequences.
We have been hearing a lot of grumbling on the news recently about the sexual assault problem in the military. Well how about the alcohol problems that cause MANY problems in the military. It is not just the military either. America has an alcohol problem. Alcohol is the leading killer of youth and young adults and nearly half of the tens of thousands of fatal accidents involve alcohol. Alcohol plays a big factor in many crimes, assaults and domestic abuse.
It was not long ago that a soldier in my unit had to end his military career short and is facing the possibility of hard time after he got drunk and hit 2 road workers in Lumberton, TX.


  1. I was very disappointed when Lumberton passed the Alcohol bill. I moved here because it was dry and coming from a long line of Alcoholism in my family, I wanted peace. There will be more deaths and family problems due to this being allowed so easy access and the little taxes our city collects will not be able to cover the problems it will create.

  2. Let's hope the Italians don't go insane and start attacking our childen like they did when our pilots killed those people in the sky tram.