Monday, March 4, 2013

Sen. Patrick Bill Let Texans Decide the next Presidential Primary Winners by Moving TX Primary to February

I like this proposed bill from Texas State Senator Dan Patrick. Texas has NO say in picking the Presidential Nominees. By the time Texas votes in the Presidential Primaries, the race is usually over. Senator Dan Patrick has proposed a bill that will move the Texas Primary up to the beginning of February. This will give Texas a big say in who wins the Presidential race for the Democrat and Republican Parties. I argued for something like this during the last Presidential election, but many Republicans were too scared of the RNC getting mad at Texas so everyone settled with Texas having no say in the 2012 race. Florida, on the other hand, broke the RNC rules and had an early primary. Sure, the RNC got mad and penalized Florida, but Florida had a big say in the Presidential Primaries and changed the race. Texas should do the same. What is worse, getting the RNC mad at you or having no say in the next Presidential election?

Statement from Senator Dan Patrick:

Dan Patrick

Senator - District 7

For Immediate Release

February 8, 2013 Contact: Logan Spence, (512) 463-0107


AUSTIN - Today Senator Dan Patrick filed Senate Bill 452 that moves the primary date to the first Tuesday in February of even numbered years. The intent of the bill is to allow the people of Texas, in all parties, to have a stronger voice in the presidential election.

"I'm tired of other states, mostly smaller, picking the nominees for President," said Patrick. "Texas is the leading economic engine in the nation, has the second largest and fastest growing population in the country, and we reflect the broad spectrum of demographics in America," added Patrick.

"For far too long the race for President has been all but decided by the time Texans get a chance to cast their ballot," said Patrick. "SB 452 will ensure that Texas will now be a leading voice in determining who will lead our country," said Patrick.

If SB 452 passes, the filing deadline would move to the second week of November beginning with the 2014 elections. "I believe the people of Texas regardless of party affiliation will be in strong support of this legislation," stated Senator Patrick.


  1. They better add measures to that bill to protect against voter fraud as was seen in way too many states during the last election, or there won't be any use to move the date up!

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