Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Texas Faith and Family Day March 26, 2013 - Governor Perry to Speak

article from Wallbuilders and Texas Values:

Texas Faith and Family Day

From time to time, WallBuilders likes to make you aware of special events and opportunities. We thought you might be interested in participating in Texas Faith and Family Day.

Texas Values: Standing for Faith, Family, and Freedom in Texas
Texas Values Update

Gov. Perry to Speak at Rally During Texas Faith and Family Day

We are excited to announce that Gov. Rick Perry will be joining us for the Texas Faith and Family Day on Tuesday, March 26th, at the Capitol in Austin. Texas is blessed to have a Governor that champions important family values issues of religious liberty, marriage and family, and life.
If you have ever wanted to learn how to make an impact on your state government, this is your day. This will be the largest gathering of values-supporting Texans at the Capitol this year and will be a great opportunity to have your voice heard and to make an impact for Texas values. In the morning, family values leaders will provide an issue briefing on important issues and bills and provide you with an overview of how to make a impact during the legislative session.
Then at noon, hundreds of Texans from across the state will rally on the south steps of the Capitol for the Faith and Family Rally. The rally will feature Gov. Perry along with other state leaders and pastors from across the state. After the rally, there will be time for prayer and for people to meet with their elected officials and encourage them to stand firm for our values.
Please make plans to attend and invite your church, pastor, friends, family, and local groups and clubs to come. To get all the information and to register visit
Protecting the Texas Constitution and Taxpayers
Republican State Representative Drew Springer has filed legislation that would further protect traditional family values and tax-payers from schools districts like Pflugerville I.S.D. that seek to approve same-sex domestic partnership benefits. HB 1568 would eliminate the healthcare funding for any school district that seeks to offer insurance or any other benefits to a person that is not a school district employee or a spouse or child of a district employee. Texas Values has argued in detail, including in a brief filed with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, that the creation and recognition of “domestic partnerships” by the Pflugerville I.S.D board or any other governmental entity in Texas is a clear violation of the Texas Constitution. Read more.

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