Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lumberton ISD Mother Says Bullying (even by Teachers) at School Needs to Stop Being Ignored (VIDEO)

This mother addressed the Lumberton School Board at the 3/7/2013 meeting. This meeting was attended by many Lumberton parents who wanted to talk about the Muslim Burqa Lesson incident and the District's use of the flawed CSCOPE curriculum.
She was very upset and wanted to tell the School Board what was going on and ask for help and for answers.

I  am not going to comment on this video, I just want to post it here for everyone to see and come to their own conclusions.


  1. Leslie Daigle smirked when this mother spoke, which I find rude and heartless. Daigle will have to be replaced. Also when the parents approached the podium to speak the School Board Att. Soileau turned his back to them,faced Margerat Cruse and she rolled her eyes! This is appalling behavior for school board members and it seems that they have a "God Complex!" They are acting like thier high and mighty but forgot this is a unpaid position and they become our public servants when taking the positions! Its time we oust these creatures out of our school board. I feel the Superintendent did nothing but spew Liberal talk and blamed everyone, but himself for the corrupt liberal teachings being forced on our children. He has to be replaced also. We must clean up our own backyard first before we can clean up our country.

  2. I just say Fire All Public leaders after 2 years~!!!