Monday, November 26, 2012

Texas Church Nativity Scene Vandalized - National Liberal Media Doesn't Care When Christians get Vandalized

If some liberal/gay person/Democrat/Obama supporter had a rock thrown at thier house it would probably make national news as a hate crime. But if a Christian Nativity Scene at a Church gets run over by vandals, who cares right? It is only hate if the person you are hating is liberal. If the person you are hating is a Christian, Conservative or Religious person then it is not a hate crime right? There is so much hypocrisy in America:

story below from KBMT Channel 12 News Beaumont, TX:

Church nativity scene is destroyed by drive-by vandals

A Nederland church congregation wants to know who vandalized their nativity display.

It happened at the Wesley United Methodist Church on the 3500 block Helena Avenue. Church members believe it happened late Friday night.

The set was used for "live" nativity re-enactment. They believe a driver ran over it.

There are tire marks showing what may have happened.

The church plans to rebuild the set and have it ready just in time for the live nativity starting December 7th.

Read full story here:

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