Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 Texas Nov 6 Election Results HERE - Obama vs Romney, Congress, State Rep, SBOE, State Senate, US Senate, Many Other Important Races

As the election results come in for the Texas November 6th, 2012 Election, I will keep this page updated with the election results for statewide races and also results of the many notable races across Texas. Tomorrow morning I will post the FULL election results here on this page so come back and check it out tomorrow.

You can see the full minute by minute Texas election results yourself at the Texas Secretary of State website here:

Some Notable Election Results So Far:

Mitt Romney wins Texas

Ted Cruz Wins US Senate

US Rep Canseco slightly losing to Gallego with most of the ballots counted

Former Super Conservative Congressman Steve Stockman wins in New US Rep District 36

Craddick and Smitherman Win TX Railroad Commissioner

Willett, Hecht and Devine win TX Supreme Court

Garza now losing for State Board of Education District 1 with most of the votes counted

Mercer now winning State Board of Education District 5 with 53%

Randy Weber wins against Nick Lampson for District 14 Congressman

See the FULL minute by minute Texas Election results yourself at the Texas Secretary of State Election Division Website HERE: just click on that link and you can click to see the statewide election results or the county by county election results

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