Thursday, November 15, 2012

Texas Bill Filed to Outlaw 20+ Week Abortions to Protect Preborn Children Who Feel Pain

Several other states have laws banning aboriton after 20 weeks because it is proven that unborn babies feel pain at 20 weeks. Texas needs to pass this law too! Seriously, we protect dogs and cats from torture, can't we also protect innocent babies from the pain of getting ripped apart?

from Texas Right to Life:

Protect Preborn Children Who Feel Pain

Monday, November 12th, marks the unofficial start of the 2013 83rd Texas Legislative Session.  While legislators begin to file legislation during this pre-filing period that began today, they, too, look forward to supporting the flagship Pro-Life bill for the next session:  Texas Right to Life’s Preborn Pain Bill.

Texas Right to Life has already met with countless Pro-Life activists, experts, and Pro-Life elected officials across the state to build consensus for this measure and to spread awareness about the fact that children who are capable of feeling pain are subjected to an excruciating premature death by abortion.

The general medical consensus is that the developing human preborn child is capable of experiencing torturous pain at 20 weeks post-fertilization.  These scientific findings are based on anatomical, behavioral, and physiological neuro-stimuli.  The science of preborn pain sets the standard of care for preborn children who undergo surgery in utero.
The Texas Pre-born Pain Bill will:
-- Establish a state interest in preborn life that can feel pain according to peer-reviewed medical literature.

-- Apply that state interest by prohibiting all abortions on preborn children who feel pain.

-- Take a giant step forward in protecting the sanctity of human life.

-- Draw awareness to the humanity of the preborn child.

-- Emphasize the barbaric nature of abortion.

As soon as our bill authors file this legislation, you will be notified of the bill number(s) and asked to contact your elected officials to support this landmark piece of legislation.
Yours for Life,

Elizabeth Graham

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