Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Texas Bill Proposed to Allow Open Carry of Handguns - 2013 Legislative Session

I had no idea so many other states allowed some form of Open Carry but Texas of all places does not!

from article on Dallas Morning News by Wayne Slater:

The Legislature passed a law in 1995 allowing Texans to carry handguns concealed under coats, in purses, or in glove compartments. But it’s still against the law to carry pistols where people can see them.

Rep. George Lavender, a Texarkana Republican, wants to change that. When the Legislature convenes in January, he says, he will push for an “open carry” law. His plan is to give the more than 500,000 Texans who hold concealed-weapon licenses the option of carrying holstered pistols out in the open.

Lavender said he finds it ironic that freedom-loving Texas is one of just six states not to allow some form of open carry. The others are Illinois, New York, Arkansas, South Carolina and Florida. An open-carry law went into effect in Oklahoma on Nov. 1.

Lavender and other gun rights advocates argue that law-abiding citizens openly carrying pistols in public places pose a deterrent to criminals.

“This is Texas, and we should be the leader,” said Lavender, who was re-elected without opposition on Nov. 6. Support for his proposal, he said, “is very wide and deep. I think we are fixing to get there.”

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  1. I am totally for open carry. I have a handgun and have taken the concealed handgun class (and passed)but for a woman, trying to conceal is difficult. I applauded Oklahoma when they passed open carry but did feel we (Texas) should definitely be leading the way!

  2. I too being a middle aged woman, have found that it is not always the easiest thing to carry a concealed handgun. It would be so much easier having a holster and it will make some criminals think twice.

  3. You people need to know what Oklahoma also passed. Look into REAL ID, and the actions being imposed on the public, which will, if you stand against tyranny,keep you from being able to participate in open carry,as long as permitting is required. Currently by way of your constitutional right, you can bear any arm you want. Gun restraining laws are unconstitutional. Are you going to accept a drivers license which tracks your every move, which will be stolen from you, where the next phase of rights invasion will be to place the tracking chip into your body so that it will not be stolen. These false rights are not going to do you any good unless you participate in the NWO of doing things= Unconstitutional usurpation of our real laws, by replacing them with trick laws, that provide surveillance of you & permission to hold that so-called right by law. Get educated before you endorse laws which do not create rights.but only registration, which leads to surveillance.

  4. How will we know who is legally carrying and who is not?