Sunday, November 4, 2012

Burnt Orange Report WRONG on Democrat Nick Lampson Assault

It is a tale of two stories. The Nick Lampson Democrat Congressional Campaign sends out an email saying Lampson was harassed by a Randy Weber supporter posing like a journalist. The Burnt Orange Reports then posts a story online saying that Nick Lampson was physically harassed by this journalist but does not include any proof that Lampson was physically harassed. I also posted an article about this right about the same time as the Burnt Orange Report story. My article was a complete 180% from the Burnt Orange Report because my article says that it was Lampson who got physical with the reporter, not the other way around.

Yep, unlike the Burnt Orange Report, my article actually has video of the incident. The video CLEARLY shows that Nick Lampson was the only one who got physical. You could even say that Lampson possibly even assaulted the journalist by reaching out and trying to shove the camera out of the guy’s hand.

The Burnt Orange Report is DEAD WRONG and they should be embarrassed about getting their facts completely backwards.

Oh yeah, if you are wondering what caused this physical altercation, it was because the journalist was pressing Lampson about why Lampson voted so much with Liberal Nancy Pelosi so much

see Nick Lampson Assault video HERE:

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