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Barry Smitherman: Texas Preparing for Sovereignty if U.S. Falls Apart – Attorney General Race Update

In an interview with WND’s John Griffing, Texas Railroad Commission Chairman, and Texas Attorney General Candidate, Barry Smitherman, said that Texas is preparing to survive as an independent nation if the U.S. falls apart. Smitherman simply wants us to be ready for if the time comes when Texas is on her own without the Federal government. I have a generator to power my house if the power goes out. I do not want the power to go out, but if it does I am prepared to keep the lights on. Shouldn’t Texas also be prepared to keep the lights on if the federal government goes out?

I have always liked Barry Smitherman. He stands for what is right without thinking about political correctness. Heck, he has sued Obama 7 times already! He is not just a Christian conservative. He is a Christian conservative who can LEAD. I see in him the passion that I saw in Ted Cruz when I went out on a limb and supported Cruz against the establishment grain. Smitherman is being smart and thinking ahead. He is thinking about Texas, but certainly not turning his back on America. As a Texan myself, I completely support Smitherman’s survival plan just as I supported a bill that State Rep James White filed in 2013 called the “Texas Self Sufficiency Act”. White’s bill would prepare Texas for sovereignty by doing a study to determine, financially, how Texas will survive on our own if the Federal Government collapses. We are not talking about pushing for Texas Secession. We are just talking about being prepared for anything that might happen if the very volatile and unstable Federal Government falls apart. This means being prepared for even the possibility of Texas secession, independence, surviving on our own, etc.

I am not advocating for Texas to become enemies with America or turn our backs on America, and neither is Smitherman, but there is a very real possibility that the U.S. will fall apart and crumble over things like MASSIVE debt. What will we do if the U.S. falls apart? Do we have a plan for Texans to survive on our own? Are we capable of surviving on our own? The State of Texas should not wait until the U.S. fails to simply be prepared and be capable of surviving IF the U.S. fails.

Select Quotes form Barry Smitherman from the WND interview:

“Generally speaking, we have made great progress in becoming an independent nation, an ‘island nation’ if you will, and I think we want to continue down that path so that if the rest of the country falls apart, Texas can operate as a stand-alone entity with energy, food, water and roads as if we were a closed-loop system,” Smitherman said.

He added that the state is “uniquely situated because we have energy resources, fossil and otherwise, and our own independent electrical grid.”

“This was one of my goals at the Utility Commission and it is one my goals currently as chairman of the Railroad Commission,” Smitherman said. “That’s why I stress so vehemently oil and gas production, permitting turnaround times, and everything that enables the industry to produce as much as it can, as quickly as it can.”

Smitherman added in the interview that Texas has “been very strong leading in the charge against the Obama administration.”


  1. You have my support and my vote.


  2. I wish Smitherman’s talk was backed by substantiating facts but, with the tyrants in charge in Austin now, there’s no real teeth to Texas being independent in anything…

    1.) the Smart Meter Opt Out bill died in the Calendar committee (SB 241 Carona) which would have pushed back against joining the north America power grid with Mexico and Canada,…

    2.) the best nullify Obamacare bill died in Calendars committee (HB 3785 Perry) which would have and interposed against the taxes established by PPACA, placing the Texas Secretary of State between Texans and certain unconstitutional mandates, for a filing fee of $30)…

    3.) An incremental switch from dependency on Federal Reserve notes to the establishment and administration of a state bullion depository and the investment of certain public money in precious metals and depository accounts (HB 3505 Captiglione) died in Appropriations committee…

    4.) Texas Self Sufficiency Act - creation of a select committee to evaluate the effects of reduction in or elimination of federal funding on the state budget due to federal fiscal policy (HB 568 White) never even got a hearing in the Appropriations Committee.

    5.) All of the strong 2nd Amendment bills died in committee. Instead the pawns are to be satisfied with legislation that increased the collection locations of finger prints to obtain “permission” to carry a handgun, but only under certain circumstances and in certain areas.

    If Texas doesn’t have:
    1.) a state legislature that is going to pass legislation to exercise the 9th & 10th Amendments to push back against a tyrannical DC;
    2.) a Governor that will sign strong 10th amendment bills passed in the legislature;
    3.) and a state Attorney General that’s willing to go to bat for the People against federal and foreign tyrants;
    - Then please explain the difference between the Texas Legislature and the federal government;
    - When is it appropriate to enforce the 9th & 10th amendments?
    - Who has the power to enforce the 9th & 10th Amendments?
    - When was the last time Texas was successful in enforcing the 10th Amendment?

    I would like to warn voters that are waking up like me, to be wary of candidates that talk of big hope & change. I’m seeing a lot of desperate voters looking for someone to be “the one”. There isn’t anyone that can do our bidding. The bidding is up to the People. The People need to study the rules. Those rules are in the constitutions. Let’s read the rules and enFORCE them on government. It will take an active majority to enforce the rules.

    What will America look like when the constitution is enforced?


      Smitherman on Smart Meters:

    2. Humm, Smart Meters just another way to control us.

  3. how indeed would Texas "survive" without the welfare states to support? without having to kick up significant amounts of the wealth we generate to the gluttonous u.s. government that doles it out to the dependent states, (and graciously returns a portion to us),how indeed WOULD we "survive"?

    without welfare, food stamps and HUD programs to foster their indigent lifestyles, would the dependent class immigrate to greener pastures, freeing Texans from the burden of their upkeep and the the stain of their uselessness and the blight of their rampant criminal behavior?
    or would they remain a continual encumbrance, trading on the sympathies of well-meaning but misguided souls?

    consider a nation so replete with wealth and free from the debt another nation incurred.
    it strains the mind to contrive, that such a nation might even see fit to finally end the criminal tax structure that continues to deprive citizens, through a continual tax on it's possession, of their right to truly own property. that men might hold property, free from the fear of it's forfeiture for refusing or failing to contribute to an extortion racket.

    we understand the perpetual taxation of property ownership fosters a tenant-landlord relationship between the citizen and the state.
    furthermore, if we truly believe in man's God given right to own and exercise dominion over property, we must abolish the perpetual taxation of property.
    if continued possession of property is dependent upon relinquishment of other property, (in the form of monies), then the property being taxed is not truly owned by the citizen but by the taxing authority and it is therefore leased to the citizen as it was in feudal Europe. thus, we become like the former tenant farmers, beholden to our liege and free men no more.

    this is my question for all who hunger for a free Texas:

    would a free, independent Texas government extend the blessings of liberty to Texans? or rather, would the new Republic of Texas continue like the present state of Texas, through its many counties and/or municipalities, to tax it's citizens for the privilege of believing we own property when we clearly do not?

    twice i have offered my life to the cause of liberty and it was not required of me. i do not fear offering it up a third time; but if you want me to fight or bleed in the cause of Texas liberty, then i must have some assurance that i do not merely trade one master for another. will a free, independent Texas be peopled by free Texans? or must we make obeisance to our new lord and liege as to the old one?

  4. "'s about 5 billion dollars were gonna have it completed by the end of's the biggest renewable energy infrastructure project maybe in the history of America" PUC Chairman Barry Smitherman watch Barry

  5. All States, state level representatives, have dual capacity once elected to a state position. This includes all legislators, the executive, the attorney general and all trial, appellate and Supreme Court Judges & Justices. They have the capacity to run state government in their elected capacity and their second capacity is as Tenth Amendment Representatives ("TAR").

    This dual capacity exists in the Tenth Amendment. The most powerful clause in the constitution is "nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The 28 enumerated Powers of Congress are close ended as are the Powers prohibited to the States in Article 1, Section 10. All other Powers (anything you can think of) are reserved to the States respectively or to the people. Who are the arbiters of these Reserved Powers? Our state level Tenth Amendment Representatives ("TAR"), and the people.

    Our TAR have an obligation to their state constituents that is constitutionally superior to the obligation of our elected federal representatives.


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