Monday, September 16, 2013

Texas Judge Layne Walker Admonished by Federal Judge for Using Abusive Language and Wrong Font

Texas State District Judge Layne Walker, a Democrat, is at the center of many of the stories of corruption in Jefferson County and Beaumont, TX. Judge Walker has had several lawsuits filed against him. Judge Walker had his lawyers file a motion to dismiss one of these lawsuits, but Federal Judge Ron Clark has slapped down Judge Walker’s motion to dismiss and rebuked Judge Walker and his attorneys. The rebuke from Judge Clark made Judge Walker and his legal team look silly. Judge Clark said that Judge Walker’s motion to dismiss, instead of relevant facts pertaining to the lawsuit against him, contained abusive language and name calling. Judge Clark went even further and said that the motion to dismiss did not even use the right font. I can’t speak for Judge Clark, but when I read Judge Clark’s rebuke of Judge Walker’s motion, I imagined a parent looking down at a rowdy kid and telling the kid if he wants to eat at the grown up table then he needs to act like a grown up.

Judge Layne Walker might break the rules in his own courtroom, but Judge Clark made it clear that Judge Walker is going to follow the rules in Judge Clark’s courtroom. Furthermore, Judge Walkers Motion made it clear that he did not have any evidence to disprove the allegations against him so he resorted to calling names. This is not the first time that Judge Walker has been slapped down by a higher court.

The lawsuit that Judge Walker was responding to is from Stella Morrison. Attorney John Morgan is representing Stella Morrison. Judge Walker does not like attorney Stella Morrison or attorney John Morgan for political reasons. Morrison opposed Judge Walker in recent elections and John Morgan represents some of the people who oppose Judge Walker. Judge Walker has retaliated against Morgan and Morrison by banning Morrison from his courtroom and taking away Morgan’s children. Stella Morrison filed the lawsuit against Judge Walker because of the many retaliations and false accusations that Judge Walker has made against Morrison.

If Judge Layne Walker and Jefferson County sound familiar it is because I recently wrote an article detailing how a secret video showed Judge Walker illegally had a man arrested and committed perjury. The man, Stephen Hartman, is a federal process server who was legally serving the Judge with a lawsuit. The Judge has been illegally refusing to take the lawsuit papers and even pulled a gun on the process server in a previous encounter! The secret video recording proved the man was innocent but the charges have still not been dropped.

The Judge’s bailiff, Jefferson County Deputy Steven Broussard, was even recommended for termination because he took home the video recording out of evidence and tried to destroy it. This kind of public corruption is unthinkable. Seeing a video where law enforcement officers arrest you and make stuff up against you should send chills down anyone’s back. These are supposed to be people the community trusts. The community should not fear if an officer who does not like you is going to arrest you and make false charges against you, and then it is your word against the officers. Thank goodness for the secret video because otherwise the Judge would have gotten away with abusing his power and using his bailiffs to officially oppress political opponents. Also thank goodness that Judge Ron Clark is not putting up with Judge Walker's baloney!


  1. I have heard on many occasions that Jefferson county is the most corrupt county in Texas, and that the corruption is institutionalized. The BISD scandals are another example of this. Jefferson county residents need a 'zero tolerance' attitude towards corruption and remain ever vigilant of our public servants to insure the corruption ends and isn't allowed to impede economic development in the Golden Triange!

  2. Walker needs to be arrested for violation in office. He is a slimy man who thinks he is above the law. He has forgotten that he is the public servant not the other way around. The Texas Rangers need to come into Beaumont and clean it up including the BISD. School board member Reese should also be thrown out on his butt. I think he and the rest of the black Schoolboard members are racist and hate White people. Rangers could clean it up quick.