The contentious scenario began after FrontPage Magazine, a conservative outlet, published an article entitled, “NY Jets Player Speaks at Extreme Anti-Israel Conference.” The first two paragraphs of the piece wage some pretty hefty allegations against Aboushi, who is a Palestinian-American — mainly that he is a “Muslim extremist.” Here’s how it reads:
Oday Aboushi has been touted as being the first Palestinian-American player in the National Football League (NFL), but his radical behavior since being drafted by the New York Jets less than three months ago could get him sent home early. His latest infraction was made as he gave a speech at a radical Muslim conference sponsored by a group denying Israel’s right to exist and associated with blatantly anti-Semitic and terrorist propaganda.
When the New York Jets chose Offensive Lineman Oday Aboushi in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL draft, they did so because of Aboushi’s athletic skills. It seems, though, that his personal life was not a consideration, at least not enough to stop the team from picking him. Problems in the NFL usually revolve around drugs or alcohol abuse or players being bad influences in the locker rooms. Aboushi’s problem is an unusual one for pro sports. He’s a Muslim extremist.

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