Sunday, July 28, 2013

LIST: Violence, Lawlessness Since Zimmerman Verdict... *UPDATED to 35*


1. July 14:  Witness claims Hispanic man in Baltimore beaten by youths yelling, "This is for Trayvon."
2.July 16:  Jogger in Mississippi claims he was attacked in retaliation for Zimmerman verdict
 3. July 16: Pennsylvania business graffitied with 'Kill Zimmerman,' set on fire
4. July 16: Wisconsin man claims he was beaten by teens shouting, "This is for Trayvon."
5. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protesters block freeway traffic in Los Angeles
6. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protester raid a Walmart in Los Angeles
7. July 16: CBS reporter assaulted in Crenshaw during anti-Zimmerman protest
8. July 15: Anti-Zimmerman protester block major intersection in Newark, NJ
9. July 16: Thirteen arrested in Crenshaw for vandalizing cars and stores, assault
10. July 16: Waiter struck in head with a hammer
11. July 16: Windows broken at Men's Wearhouse
 12. July 15: Store window spray-painted with word "revolt"
13. July 13: New York Giants star threatens Zimmerman
14. July 14: 'Wire' creator David Simon says he'd bring a brick to Zimmerman courthouse
15. July 14: Singer attacked after dedicating song to Trayvon Martin
16. July 13: Teen arrested in Zion, Illinois for threatening violence
17. July 13: Gallery of death threats against George Zimmerman
18. July 15: "Kill Zimmerman" Facebook page removed          
19. July 14: Man lights marijuana cigarette off burnt American flag
20. July 15: Dozen arrested in New York protest
21. July 15: New York protesters block traffic
22. July 16: Houston protesters block traffic
23. July 16: Police detain Houston protesters
24. July 16: Police officer assaulted in Los Angeles during Zimmerman protest
25. July 16: Los Angeles man claims targeted by anti-Zimmerman mob because he's Hispanic
26. July 16: Arrest in Oakland at anti-Zimmerman protest
27. July 16: VIDEO: Zimmerman protesters block road, family's emergency trip to the hospital
28. July 17: Organized mobs rampage thru Hollywood stealing; "unclear" Zimmerman related
29. July 16: Marine attacked, possibly stabbed - reports connect to Zimmerman verdict
30. July 16: Atlanta Falcon's Roddy White suggests jurors kill themselves
31. July 17: Seventeen protesters arrested in Victorville
32. July 17: "Kill Zimmerman" graffiti throughout Hammond, IN.
33. July 17: Detroit overpass defaced with 'Fuck Zimmerman'
34. July 18: Flash mob in Hollywood 'for Trayvon'
35. July 18: Zimmerman protesters hurl rocks at officers, pedestrians

Obvious observation: Imagine the media coverage if this were the Tea Party.... 
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