Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gay Mob Beats Pastor - no hate crime?

If this was a Christian mob who beat up a gay guy they would be in jail for years and it would make world news headlines.... but it is ok if a gay mob beats up a pastor? The media calls for tolerance of other views, unless your view is a Christian view?  The sign was not even all that bad and said things like that pornography and too much TV is bad..... Sure it probably did not make the gays at the crownd happy but homosexual lifestyles do not make me happy either. They have a right to promote their lifestyle and Christians also have a right to promote their beliefs. It is not hate speech and Christian speech should be tolerated too. What was written on the sign by this pastor was not hateful and was no more bad than if someone was holding a sign that says gay marriage is good and Christianity is bad. They do hold those signs all the time of course and no one gets beat up because they have freedom of speech.... but if you are a Christian, no freedom of speech.

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