Monday, February 25, 2013

Update: After Muslim Burqa Lesson, Student Pulled From Lumberton School - not CSCOPE, or was it? - Sen. Patrick Investigating

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Update: After Muslim Burqa Lesson, Student Pulled From Lumberton School - minor students cried today after being forced to sign incident report about what happened without parent notified or allowed to be at the meeting, parents furious - the school says this lesson seems to be a Lumberton lesson and not CSCOPE lesson, but CSCOPE Experts say it was CSCOPE influenced - Senator Dan Patrick Investigating

There have been lots of updates after I posted this article this morning: Lumberton ISD (Texas) Students Told to Wear Muslim Burqas in CSCOPE High School Lesson

Here are the updates:

One parent contacted me and said that he pulled his kids out of Lumberton schools 2 years ago because of this exact Islam lesson

Another parent contacted me and told me that her child called her from the school crying because she had to go to the Principal's office this morning and sign an incident report statement staying that they were not forced to wear the Burqas. The parents are now even more furious because they were not informed or asked to be present when their minor child was told to sign a potentially legal form. One parent got a lawyer who said the school was in violation for not letting the parent be present.

It was confirmed that this was a geography class and not a history class.

The teacher I hear was upset that she even had to teach the lesson and told the students she did not agree with it so I am not out to bash the teacher. Clearly this lesson has been forced into the classroom by someone and it needs to be corrected.

State Senator Dan Patrick has today called for an investigation into this lesson.

National News has picked up the story including Todd Starnes of Fox News, Alex Jones Prison Planet, and I got a call from MSN.

It was also confirmed by a parent this morning that the students were not FORCED to wear the Burqas but they were brought as Larry of the lesson and students were asked to try them on. Here is the worst part though, It was also confirmed that the students were told to call terrorists 'freedom fighters' and also the students were taught that Burqas are really just a fashion and the students were not taught that they are a form of oppression and women can even be put to death for not wearing one. Also, it was confirmed that the students were asked to do a report on Egypt that portrayed democracy as bad.

This is OUTRAGEOUS! Look, I am ok with students learning other religions and regions as part if a history or geography class. It sounds like this was the INTENT of the lesson and I think the state of Texas has lessons that teach students different religions and regions. That is ok. What is NOT ok is what happened here and what this lesson has become over the years. Somehow, this lesson that was supposed to talk about different religions ended up only talking about Islam. Burqas were brought and presented as a fashion instead of an oppressive object. The students were asked to call terrorists freedom fighters. This is wrong and the Lumberton School Board needs to take action. I do not believe that the school board knew this was going on. I do not even know how much the superintendent knew of what was going on because I think, or hope, that if he did he would have asked the teacher to make sure it was fair and balanced instead of a lesson slanted in favor or Islam.

Also, although Texas CSCOPE has had major issues because of Islam lessons in schools, this Muslim Burqa lesson was not part of CSCOPE (sccording to the school) and it is a lesson that Lumberton ISD has been doing for years. John Griffing from believes the school is covering for CSCOPE and he believe this Muslim lesson was influenced by CSCOPE.

Here is a statement from John Griffing about this Lumberton lesson and CSCOPE: 

CSCOPE has been in place for the last 8 years, and due to its influence in classrooms, it is premature to rule out CSCOPE as a culprit philosophically, if not materially in this case.

Teachers, as we know from user agreements supplied by Mary Bowen at the hearings on January 31st, are required to teach CSCOPE lesson content exclusively. What this means from an application standpoint is a matter for discussion, but would anyone attempt to argue that prior to CSCOPE such incidences would be as likely?

It certainly seems as if we should be cautious in throwing out CSCOPE as a factor in this case.

TESCCC 2012 - Contract, from Mary Bowen:

“To support implementation of this detailed curriculum, districts must have processes and people in place to insure that there is sustained monitoring of the curriculum and that individual teachers do not have the option to disregard or replace assigned content.”

How exactly can we separate CSCOPE--used by Lumberton ISD--from the current situation? After someone is caught in the commission of an unethical act, can their testimony be trusted?

Lumberton does not deny use of CSCOPE, but does deny it as a factor in this case. Again, it is questionable to throw out CSCOPE as a factor simply due to denials coming in the wake of discovery. I don't know which is worse. The lesson described closely parallels CSCOPE content, and I referenced some of this content in my original article. It's the chicken or the egg. Either way, Lumberton is in violation of an SBOE resolution disallowing the promotion of Islam in classrooms.


  1. rickhafley@suddenlink.netFebruary 25, 2013 at 6:25 PM

    David you and other in this state are giving superintendent and school boards a free pass on this subversive/progressive curriculum, when in fact they are directly responsible for implementing it. The TASA is completely controlled by school superintendents and this organization supports CSCOPE. TESCCC developed and now sells CSCOPE, The board and founders of this company are Texas public employees, ESC members from each education region in Texas. At least 19 of the 20 ESC member along with two State board of education members Thomas Ratliff and Patricia Hardy have aligned themselves with Linda Darling Hammond and William Ayers (education advisors and friends of Obama) to develop and promote CSCOPE which is Obama’s Common Core curriculum renamed. We must hold our local school broads accountable to the people that elect them if they are not doing their jobs recall and replace they if superintendents insist on using CSCOPE fire them.

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  4. As crazy as this may sound, I don't think the facts to this story are completely accurate. I guess everyone knows someone who knows someone who heard that someone talked to someone.....and on and on. I believe what has happened in Lumberton was a simple world geography class study in which students volunteered to dress in multiple types of dress as cultures and ideas were discussed in class. Having said that, I am a conservative Republican just like the rest of you, but since we are all voicing our opinions and beating our chest, it seems we are shooting the bad man wearing the mysterious mask at the seen of the fire just to find out later that it was a 1st responder! If you will personally ask someone involved you will probably hear a entirely different story...I did!


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