Friday, February 15, 2013

Eric Holder Memo Reveals Gun Control Flaw – It Doesn’t Work! DOJ Prosecuted 55,000 Illegal Firearm Cases

A couple of months ago, Eric Holder sent a memo to all DOJ employees titled "Accomplishments Under the Leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder."

Most of this memo was not interesting and had to do with Attorney General Eric Holder's Department of Justice wrongly making claims of racism against states, banks, etc.

This section of this memo did catch my eye though:

The Department has successfully prosecuted thousands of violent criminals for illegal gun possession. For the past four years, the Departments investigations resulted in the prosecution of more than 55,000 defendants many of whom were involved with criminal groups or gangs - for violations of firearms laws. Of those defendants:
63 percent were previously convicted felons and 84 percent had been previously arrested 28,037 were convicted for firearms-related offenses, 11,861 were referred for prosecution for violations related to the trafficking of firearms,, and 5,612 of those defendants have been convicted to date 15,388 were involved with criminal groups or gangs and 7,250 have been convicted to date  

What does this statistic in Eric Holder's memo mean? It means that gun control does not work. Criminals will still get guns. Criminals do not care if you make guns illegal, they will still get them. In just the last 4 years, the DOJ has prosecuted over 55,000 people for firearms violations, and the super majority of those prosecutions were against felons or people who have been arrested before. 55,000 is a huge number and that is just the number of people who were CAUGHT.

I am not advocating for allowing criminals to have guns. What I am saying is that the current gun control measures do not work on criminals and any expansion of gun control that prevents law abiding citizens from getting guns will only create a situation where the good guys do not have guns but the bad guys do. Criminals will still get guns as proven by 55,000 criminals getting prosecuted in the last 4 years for having a gun even though it was ALREADY illegal for them to have one.

Gun restrictions will lead to law abiding citizens not being able to have a gun to protect themselves from the violent criminals who WILL have a gun regardless of whether or not it is illegal for them to have the gun.

So thank you Eric Holder. Your memo bragging about what you have done as AG has just turned around and bitten you in the rear by showing that criminals will get guns even when gun control measures are in place. The best solution to the gun problem is not to restrict 2nd Amendment Rights by barring law abiding citizens from getting guns, but to continue to prosecute the bad guys who use the guns to commit crimes.

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