Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Senator Patrick says Lumberton ISD is lying about Muslim Lesson

Yesterday, Texas State Senator Dan Patrick launched an investigation after a photo surfaced of students wearing Muslim Burqas and being taught to call Muslim terrorists 'freedom fighters.'  The school defended the lesson by claiming it was a state mandated lesson. It was just announced that Senator Patrick has dropped the investigation because it has been determined that the school lied about the content of this lesson being state mandated. In fact, the contents of this class is something that the Lumberton teacher and/or administration has developed the content of this class and not the state, therefore this is a local issue and not a state issue. The school will have some explaining to do at the next school board meeting.

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  1. A young woman told me that when she attended Lumberton High that both Valestro and the teacher were quite Liberal so Im not surprised that he is condoneing this course being taught. This same person subbed for teachers at our High School and said that everything had changed and Liberalism is being pushed, so she quit teaching here.