Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sponser High School Conservative Literature - Spread Free Market/Limited Government Philosophy

The following is a message I was asked to send out about Sponsoring High School Conservative Clubs from C. Bernard Schriver Educational / Public-Affairs Consultant:


Serious-minded Patriots realize that one of the most critical problems facing our
future as a viable Constitutional Republic is the fact that our Nation's education
system is dominated by professors and teachers who are either ignorant of or
are simply hostile to the basic principles and values of the free-market / limited-
government philosophy that held sway for the first century and a half of our
Nation's history.

We are now experiencing the consequences of the gradual, step-by-step
abandonment of those Founding principles and values in our economic, political/
civic, and cultural lives.

If we leave our young people's teachers on their own, we will simply perpetuate the
status quo and contribute to the continuation of our Nation's downward economic,
political/civic, and cultural slide - the end point of which is too sad to contemplate.

To help our high school teachers provide the grounding our teenagers desperately
need if we, and they, are to restore America's traditional Constitutional principles
and values, WE need to provide those teachers themselves the teaching tools
required to enable them to do so.

Our National, non-partisan, high school Social Studies curriculum enrichment
program, OPERATION 2000+ has been working towards this patriotic goal in
selected high schools throughout the Nation for over two decades.

YOU can play an important role in this patriotic effort by choosing to provide
high school classroom teachers in your local area - public/private/parochial - a
SPONSORSHIP(s) to make it possible for them to participate in our exciting, non-
partisan, pro-con formatted, strongly academic OPERATION 2000+ curriculum
enrichment program.

The following make ideal SPONSORS for this pro-America activity: individuals
/ business firms & associations such as Chambers of Commerce / community
service organizations such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Civitan, Lions, etc. / civic, veterans
& other patriotic groups / religious organizations / political groups / Foundations.

For just $250.00 per SPONSORED high school, we will send a series of nine
(9) public-policy resource theme-packets - sent on a one-packet-per-month
basis during the school year - directly to the Social Studies Department in each
SPONSORED high school.

These theme-packets provide extensive resource materials on current National
public-policy issues. Teachers appreciate the fact that these packets save them
much valuable research time in preparing their Lesson Plans for classroom
presentations AND students really get excited about the multiple opportunities for
classroom discussion / debate afforded them.

Patriots like to SPONSOR this program because OPERATION 2000+ includes
material not often found in much / most of the curriculum enrichment materials
generally available - especially our program's emphasis on information relating
to the Foundational principles & values of our Republic: individual rights &
responsibilities / private property / free-market economics / limited Constitutional

NOW is the time to ACT to do your part to advance this vitally important goal.
A Presidential election year sparks added interest in public affairs among both
teachers and students.

To learn more about this exciting pro-America educational program, please contact
me for detailed free information.

Send your e-mail address to and I will e-mail
extensive free information concerning this activity.

I can also be reached at Post Office Box 153, East Petersburg, Pennsylvania 17520
or at (717) 665-3397.

Please keep in mind what is at stake. Nothing less than the individual liberty of
all Americans - both those living and those yet born - is at stake.

C. Bernard Schriver
Post Office Box 153
East Petersburg, PA 17520

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