Monday, August 27, 2012

Shocking Fox Report: RNC Breaking Rules and Stripping States of Elected Delegates. Watch Video Report HERE

Fox 19 News has released a VERY in-depth report about how the RNC is underhandedly getting around rules and stripping States of elected delegates, mostly Ron Paul delegates. I might have supported someone other than Ron Paul, but these Ron Paul delegates were elected by THEIR STATE and Congressional Districts and they have a right to be there! The RNC cannot just remove delegates that they do not like. They can create rules for the delegates but they cannot just remove delegates that they do not like! This is Ridiculous! 

The Republican Party must realize that they must work with Conservatives, Tea party Groups, Social Conservative Groups, and Ron Paul supporters if we are going to beat Obama. We need EVERYONE on board and working hard. Trying to win over moderates at the expense of disenfranchising your conservative base will NOT work! News, Weather

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  1. very informative posting. I had no idea! This needs to be stopped and the people behind it outed.Glad to hear the grassroots trench-workers survived the rule change battle. It appears the elite faction of the R-party is essentially a criminal syndicate!